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Originally Posted by Tye View Post
hi in answer to questions the us is me! Im not being paid or profiteering from any info in anyway or form. I appreciate any input you have. Yes Im fine Im on painkillers at moment bored so just doing research within the industry. Obviously you have dedicated FT guns and Benchrest guns also 10metre they are all adapted to each discipline so my research was to see what peoples thoughts on a dedicated HFT gun.

I also know most of you are competitors and may not want to let your personal adaptations public. I wouldn't either and wouldn't expect anyone to do so. Just basic research.

I know everyone is different we all prefer different things so its all personal. But was hoping to get a pattern most replies so far are everyone wants a gun no longer than 42", free floated, direct loading into breech, side lever.

Thanks for replies I will update
Keep popping the pills shabba!

There is no one feature that makes one gun better than another, if there were then we'd only see that gun. There are things that make the. More user friendly which when you consider how you actually get better at something (proper practice), means you spend less time and effort on your kit and more on improving yourself.
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