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Tye, My opinion of what would make a good hft gun is i think quite different from the present crop of guns available from main stream manufacturers. In my view they are not putting enough emphasis on the right area of the design. There is more that can be done to help the shooter score better.

I do shoot hft and have had a few half decent rounds over the past 5 years or so, there are HFT shooters a lot better than me with sharper minds and better eyes but i also believe my BSA Ultra based rifle to be in some areas as good as any gun out there and better than most. If someone told you a few years ago when the BSA ultra was launched that one would put the highest individual round score in at the WHFTA event in 2013 i imagine you your reaction would not be printable!!
I also built both the .22 BSA rifles that took top spot in WHFTA and UKAHFT in the hands of Simon Harrison and Barry Smith this year along with others that have taken several regional series titles.

What i have learnt from my years of shooting, observation, building, testing and development is going to into the next rifle i build which will have advantages over the one i use now.
While people may tell you a wish list or list the best features of several guns that they would lke to see combined into one rifle, i would imagine that anyone who has deeper knowledge and thinks they can or has a novel idea that may give them an advantage is surely not going to tell the world their thoughts.
We all want to have an advantage to help us win.

HFT, for people with only 2 buttucks!

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