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This might sound a little big headed but I reckon i've done as much as I can within HFT with the time I can allocate to it. One of the biggest overall feelings after winning the Worlds was that of " now what the hell do I do".

Prior to the Worlds I'd collected a decent array of trophies including IMO the hardest shoot going the Anglo American (you know the one Pete hasn't won...... sorry Pete, but you've got a decent comeback to that).
The World's in my opinion was the almost final "big" competition I was ever going to win as my time is taken elsewhere now and to be honest I can't think of any shoots I could do well in now as there are some fecking awesome shots out there now! To be honest I don't have the hunger for it any more, well definetley not like I used to.

But going back to goal setting IMO it one of the best ways of improving your shooting, I used to just aim to be beat my last score etc. One of my favourite achievements was getting my first NEFTA phoenix and I'll be honest I worked hard for that bugger
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