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I have just come across this topic and found it quite interesting as back in 2004/2005 I have organised a trip out to Poland to Morsko with several UK shooters such as Gary Cooper, Sammie Carnochan, Keith Ryan to name a few and then a second group followed next year with Andy Calpin, Brian Samson, Laity, Darren Lindsey and others before the World FT champs held in the same place in Poland. They loved it and we sort of ‘cleared the path’ to Eastern Europe for FT/HFT shooters.

Being Polish I would love to see a major shooting comp organised in Poland or other European countries, however I see one major issue and that is popularity of the sport. In the UK there are 150 people turning up to shoot UKAHFT rounds, in Poland that number is below 100 (that’s FT and HFT combined) for a national comp as far as I know (I am sure that Tomek or Pawel will correct me if I am wrong). Also the European competition didn’t attract too many shooters with only 150 turning up, so I think there lies the problem, the sport is simply more popular in the UK and people are willing to travel from foreign countries to learn about it from its inventors (and champions).

But to give the guys in Europe credit, the events in Poland are very well organised, it is more of an event that just a shooting competition with food and drink and normally these events last for 2 days (even the normal rounds) unlike the UKAHFT rounds where people just turn up to shoot and go home (except for the weekenders like at MAD). So from another point of view if you enjoy your shooting and a laugh (food, drink etc.) then they are definitely worth visiting.
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