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Originally Posted by TeamZ View Post
i have two of the competition series, a 40 mag and a 45 mag, one with a target dot and one with just a fine crosshair. Never lost the crosshair yet, even at this years Euros - can t get a better scope and they range like a dream, especially the 45 mag - beauty!!



ps I will be so embarrassed if I loose the crosshair this Sunday!!!!!
Same here Chris , since changing to a Leupold 40 x Comp it has gained me at least 2 if not 3 targets, the only thing is the narrow field of view but i soon got used to that. As for the Euro's i think i would have struggled personally without it ! But same as anything not everyones cuppa !But 3 of the best shooters in NEFTA use Big Nikko's Andy Calpin,Dave Semmens & John Lee.
Bloodly hell started rambling on then , what do i know anyway

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