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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
At up peaky blinder, hope the legs healing well?

From a blank piece of paper the following sprang to mind

Adjustable ambi stock, straight cheek piece - Like a Walther hunter stock.

Long, wide, flat fore end - Make it more stable on the fist.

One piece action, with solid barrel mounting and direct pellet feed.

Weaver rail - More scope mount height options.

Good quality 2 stage trigger, full adjustability, reach etc as well as sear engagement. The shape of the blade isn't important.

Reg or not doesn't matter, what's more important is a large useable shot count (circa 100 good shots) and ease of maintenance ie Rapid

Cocking etc doesn't matter, ideally I'd want well fitting, reliable, accurate that I can strip and service at home or in a car park.
Looks a alot like the list i sent Ty, Ryan, certainly 4 or 5 points.
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