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Default HFT Market Research - Airguns Research

Market Research HFT Shooters

Hi appreciate any input and ideas conducting some research within HFT scene. If you were to design a dedicated HFT airgun what would you want to see. Everyone likes to customise there guns or change well let us know? Doing some independent research gun valued at around £1000 mark

Do you like the barrel shrouded? Non shrouded? Short muzzle break - adjustable
Is weight important? Notice a lot of people use custom cylinders on HW100's
Ideal size length important? Notice a lot of people using carbine rigs
Shot count? Do you want a regulator? Several third party regulators being used BSA/Air Arms etc
Stock beech/laminate or walnut option. A lot of people using GNIB stocks. Do you like adjustable butt pads like MEC or EV2 version or prefer up/down like Bisley adjustable pad/GMK.
Got to be a dedicated single shot so not multishot as its a dedicated HFT gun.
Sidelever like HW100/Steyr/Walther or bolt action like Ripley/R10/S410.
Palm rest/Hamster do you use short version or longer version or not at all.
Cheekpiece adjustable or not how high?
Trigger - do you want like a button lever, curve, or adjustable blade
Bling - do you prefer standard plain black or chrome or gold or coloured
Anything else just let us know appreciate it
If you don't mind just letting us know what you would like as your perfect HFT gun. Your input is appreciated and can send by pm or to please put your name and club you shoot for how long been shooting for and overall how long doing hft.
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