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Plenty of goals for a lowly placed fella such as myself:

Wave goodbye to my old consistent score of 47 3x 60 (seriously, it was reaching a point of just writing 47 on the score card at the start of the shoot.
Improve on my PB of 52 ex 60 (unofficially, it's 57 ex 64 at a club shoot but ex 60 is where it counts for me).
Keep getting those free standers and hopefully push that success out to 35 yards.
Remember to position myself correctly at the peg rather than putting my body in an awkward position.
Trust what my eye and scope tell me rather than second guess them (it still catches me out and costs me a point or two).
Stop getting lazy towards the end of a course and taking supported kneelers rather make the effort to go prone.
Don't snatch the trigger. The target isn't going anywhere and considering how quickly I take some shots anyway, I've got all the time in the world.
Shoot a score at the SiHFT's that contributes to the team score.
Get a badge at one of the SiHFT shoots (any badge will do, I'm not fussy).
Don't do anything stupid or unsafe.
Always enjoy myself.
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