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As a none shooter on the day, I spent most of my time observing you all. Having shot Quarry a couple of times myself in the past, it was clear that the course setters had done a fantastic job once again. Chuck in the not inconsiderable gusting wind, and the day was set for wonderment and much expletive cursing as your pellets flew in some amazing directions.

For me though, the day was a reminder of how the series organisers,marshals and sponsors manage to combine everything to such a high standard for the enjoyment of all. You are all genuinely a credit to the sport which is clearly in an extremely healthy position for the future. It cannot be an easy task to ensure that all are catered for and that things run as smoothly as they do. However, you manage it every time.

Finally, and for me the most noticeable event of the day was the outstanding level of genuine sportsmanship displayed when the results of the overall series winner became known. Lets face it, both James and Richard deserved to win such a tight fought series with their excellent performances throughout the season. As Jame's Dad, I was obviously hoping that he would manage to do it. However,I was almost feeling guilty when the result was finally confirmed. Richard Woods displayed an outstanding level of sportsmanship which confirms how much of a decent bloke he really is. I hope that his example of how to conduct yourself in such circumstances is remembered by the many who witnessed it.

Anyway, I have gone on long enough!

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