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Originally Posted by FTV66 View Post
Thanks Adam, we are excited to meet you guys; but my friends still have lots of questions that I will post here so might be of general interest.

At this moment, our group consist of 2 Springers and 5 PCPs

Please confirm or give me your thoughts on:

Springer: Import/Export permit (Police through internet?) What happens at airport?
PCP: Import/Export permit (Police through internet?) Plus license granted at airport. At any time and day of the week? What happens with late arrival flights?

2-Our plan is to fly to Aukland, get some sleep, take our rented cars next day to Wellington. shoot. get back to Aukland doing tourist things. That means 3 days to get back to Aukland taking pictures, restaurants and some hicking. So where do I leave the rifle? Can one of us stay at the casr watching the guns (Wich will be at their cases?)
(Yes I will check what hotels in Rotorua has safes)

3-We have three TM1000 rifles in our group wich are VERY easy to take apart. If you keep the breech (Serial number) with you all the time, and just leave the rest (Barrel, stock, air tank, scope, pellets) in the gun case, do I still need to go through the safe storage thing?

4-If I chain the gun cases to the car trunk, can I go pee in the gas station without braking the law? (I do this when I travel alone in Vzla. Sure, I also travel with 2 glocks as backup if mess comes around, but I won´t take them to NZ...jajajaj).

5-What kind of firearms training do we need to present to police? Pistol handling is enough? For each of my 5 permits I have a mental test, safe handling course, pictures, forms, personal references, etc... all originals are with the militaries and they gave me 5 cards gun permits with my picture (And they looks home made...), no for air guns.

6-When is the web page and invitations going to be available?

Thanks for your pacience Adam. You always respond in an admirable way, much more I could do in your position.

Best wishes, Jose Hoyos
See you soon.

Watch the WFTF email messages. Also watch the WFTF forum for messages. An initial announcment has been posted by our secretary. We are awaiting the amendments to our arms laws to take effect December 31st before we make firm proclamations. That is why registrations only open January 30th 2014.

Make your applications through the Police internet site. There is no other way to do this. We are not permitted to do any of this on your behalf because there is an element of checking criminal and mental health records involved to see if applicants are "fit and proper persons". (rules out most of the English team)

It is supposed to take one Month to process visitor Lic applications. Personally I would allow two Months, and encourage at least six Months prior to the event as a safe time frame to make an application to Police for any Licence or export/import permits. Also check your own Country's status with NZ regarding visa requirements!!!! The Police kiosk at the Auckland International airport (where you pick up your rifles and complete the final portion of the Visitor Licence) is open for every flight coming in at any time 24/7 a day.

Travel with a rifle in a car is legal as long as it is locked in the boot and out of your reach and not loaded. Storing in a motel while you sleep is also ok as it is attended, as long as you do not leave it unattended in the room while going out for a drink etc etc. Common sense must be used......

Previous safety training with ANY firearms is a definite advantage, and will speed up the application process, as that is one of the requirements of having the vistor Lic approved.( Bona fide target shooter, member of the National body, firearms safety training, good criminal history, not currently mentally unwell).

We look forward to seeing you here in NZ, and we will do our best to make sure it is a pleasant experience. We will explain in detail what is expected on the firing range, and advise what to do with rifles when not on the firing range to keep out of trouble. Other than that you will find a fairly free hand to do what you wish within the law. It really is a great place to enjoy leisure activity, and make many new friends.

We have a while yet until registrations open, but do stay in touch please. I hope to talk everyone through the process over time, and respond to queries as I can.

Everyone should plan through their travel agents and take all sensible precautions such as travel insurance, observe visa and entry requirements, apply for all permits/Licenses required, International driver Licenses, and confirm bookings and do this in plenty of time. If things go wrong we will have a backup hopefully to swing into action to help out any unfortunates with cheap accommodation, food, ........We hope to make costs sensible once here. Getting here is your own responsibility as usual, and we cannot help with the cost of travel.

kind regards

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