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Thanks Adam, we are excited to meet you guys; but my friends still have lots of questions that I will post here so might be of general interest.

At this moment, our group consist of 2 Springers and 5 PCPs

Please confirm or give me your thoughts on:

Springer: Import/Export permit (Police through internet?) What happens at airport?
PCP: Import/Export permit (Police through internet?) Plus license granted at airport. At any time and day of the week? What happens with late arrival flights?

2-Our plan is to fly to Aukland, get some sleep, take our rented cars next day to Wellington. shoot. get back to Aukland doing tourist things. That means 3 days to get back to Aukland taking pictures, restaurants and some hicking. So where do I leave the rifle? Can one of us stay at the casr watching the guns (Wich will be at their cases?)
(Yes I will check what hotels in Rotorua has safes)

3-We have three TM1000 rifles in our group wich are VERY easy to take apart. If you keep the breech (Serial number) with you all the time, and just leave the rest (Barrel, stock, air tank, scope, pellets) in the gun case, do I still need to go through the safe storage thing?

4-If I chain the gun cases to the car trunk, can I go pee in the gas station without braking the law? (I do this when I travel alone in Vzla. Sure, I also travel with 2 glocks as backup if mess comes around, but I won´t take them to NZ...jajajaj).

5-What kind of firearms training do we need to present to police? Pistol handling is enough? For each of my 5 permits I have a mental test, safe handling course, pictures, forms, personal references, etc... all originals are with the militaries and they gave me 5 cards gun permits with my picture (And they looks home made...), no for air guns.

6-When is the web page and invitations going to be available?

Thanks for your pacience Adam. You always respond in an admirable way, much more I could do in your position.

Best wishes, Jose Hoyos
See you soon.

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