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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
They would be kind of heavy to take as luggage. What about gun safes bolted to the car floor? Or gun case bolted to car floor and locked as though for shipment?

Just a thought
"Police approved storage" for Category A firearms in NZ means a gun safe, a locked wardrobe or any other stout lockable cabinet that is secured to the spot (walls floors etc and cannot be prised free and stolen).

Most hospitality establishements will have secure storage available (perhaps not a B&B) so ask before assuming. There will be a secure storage facility available onsite, and for travellers tripping around there will be members here willing to store securely in their safes while you do the tourist thing.

For the application process with the Police you must have an address for a secure storage. It must have been inspected as suitable for firearms storage at some point when that particular firearm Lic holder made their application. We have an intermediate address of a secure storage facility (importer/dealer) willing to take responsibility for this until either a member here can link up with you or you have details of your accommodation which has secure strorage. Once here at the Airport Police office you can amend that storage address no problem, as long as you tell them where you are staying and what secure storage it has, and they will amend their records.

One may travel with a firearm in a gunslip, gun case etc in a car, but under law it CANNOT be left unattended at any time (out of eyeshot). It may not be left overnight in a car boot, ammo must be stored separately etc etc. Once on range there will be secure storage to leave it while you wander about, and during shooting do as you would normally do over in UK. After shooting has concluded each day return to secure storage until you are ready to leave, take it back to secure storage at the accommodation or leave in secure storage onsite if you choose.

One thing you must not do is leave the rifle unattended anywhere. You must have your eyes on it at all times, or have it secured. Its a case of others being controlled by laws impinging upon our freedoms (as usual). It works though and if we all keep our eyes peeled for our fellow competitors equipment, don't mind watching it while one nips off for a coffee/slash/turnip, all will be well because someone is fulfilling the legalk requirements at all times.

Safe handling requirements under NZ law:

The rifle must be carried with the muzzle pointing "in a safe direction at all times". This means up/down/away from any person. Horizontal caddies are not encouraged because of the obvious risks (treating the firearm as loaded at all times) and the close proximity to others on range. We would prefer a gunslip or a gunsling please.

It can be carried around without a locked case/gunslip. A locked case is not secure storage though, it is just for transporting from home to range, as it can be taken by another person therefore it is not secure.

Our current domestic unwritten rule (which shall be written in standing orders for Worlds 2014) is when handing the rifle to another person or before gettinh up and leaving the firing line after taking your shots, the breech must be shown "clear" to another squad member to verify it is not loaded. This is not negotiable. Safety flage may be optionally used also, but "show clear" procedure will be mandatory for everyone regardless. After that just lay the rifle down on your bumbag at the firing line adjacent to the lane facing the muzzle towards the targets and don't touch it again until you move to the next lane as a group. This is the safest and simplest procedure to comply with the legislation and its 7 basic princliples of firearms safety.

If anyone is having serious problems confirming secure storage at accommodation or wants to travel around free of their rifle, let us know.

Registrations start being accepted Jan 30th 2014 as we will know then preciseley what the laws are then. No big dramas predicted but common sense to only confirm what is correct rather than post a tome of incorrect and misleading information prematurely.

query hotline:

Adam Welsh

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