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Originally Posted by holly View Post
as for the BIG BSAs and the nikkos ( same thing ) i have shot with a lot and i mean a lot of of shooters who when it got really dark . rainy and nasty . or with the sun behind em , shooting into a wood ( euros ) who gave up trying to find the target and shot there pellet into the ground .i have just bought a COMP X to use in the winter . good enough for Big O . it's good enough for me ??? HOLLY
Well - I can honestly say that I have never had to fire a pellet into the ground while using a Nikko (or ever witnessed it) - must be a southern thing I suppose if you have seen "a lot of shooters" do it

Sun straight down the nikko (from in front of the shooter) is normally the worst problem. Never suffered when sun behind me. Even when sun is in front you can get round the problem and a sun shade does help.

The Nikko will also range well on 40 mag - I used to only use 40 mag for years. My old Nikko has a few age related problems now and I have upped the mag to 50 for ranging. Almost time to put the old girl out to pasture and strap a new one to the top of my gun.

I have used just about every scope in the last 10 years and I keep on going back to the Nikko - it works for me. I have heard enough stories of people second guessing their Leup 20-50s and over riding the ranges that they get from them to know that it would not inspire confidence for me and therfore it wouldn't get strapped to my gun.

As for the Leup comp - good luck with that thin ret when the darkness descends

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