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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
They could be held here. I put the club forward as an alternative to Newbury.
It matters not where is goes to me personally, but there are some who say Castle is too far north Mark and wont attend?
You have to ask why hold the event if people are not willing to travel. Look how many times for example the scots have had to plod down to Newbury. Yes Tondu may even be further for them, but it could also go to a Nefta club?
However, i am all for it moving round the regions.

So say Tondu does get it this year, it then cant be in Wales in 2015, it has to go to another region, and so on.
Be a bit like the Home internationals was. We may even get a trip to scotland
See how the vote goes At AGM?

Now be honest and tell the truth, tondu is too much a Ft ground for you so thats why you dont want it here, propper wind lol
Scared of the that's funny coming from you simon....didn't see you shooting at this years euros...2nd day was tough for a newcomer like you You didn't fair to well the last time we shot at sywell either think you got 14x30 as for tondu being to mutch, I don't fear any ground or any conditions I cant see many people wanting to travel to lets face average place to shoot compared to many other clubs we could go to........
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