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Default Personal Goals

I've been lucky enough to make the gathering 3 years out of 3. For those that don't know what this is it's the season finale in the UKAHFT series which you have to qualify for during the year.I have managed to get two platinums in the NEFTA hunter series for attaining a certain number of golds in a season and one of these was when I won the springer class which was last year, but I have yet to get a platinum in the nationals and would love to be able to clear a course. Though I've come close a few times these two things have narrowly escaped my grasp up to now.
This is not just a list of things that I have done reading it back but just personal goals that have reached to date and I have lost count where better shooters than myself, and the list is long, have done me out of that hard earned gold by putting in an unbelievable top score or days where I have simply shot like a beginner and totally bombed.
What are your personal goals that you strive for? Be it from winning an HFT or FT competition or even the series to simply getting to spend an extra day in the field doing a bit more hunting or being able to buy that new rifle that you've dreampt about.
I think it would be interesting to find out how much or little different shooters want from their chosen sport or hobby.


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