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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I thinking on mounting on a high rail Rob but not sure yet, just looking and asking for advice. Have you got yours on high mounts?
Not high mounts, just BKL 30mm forward reach. I think they're about 2mm higher than the 25mm standard mounts but certainly not high ones. I can go from 9 yards to 55 on a single turret turn with JSB exact 8.44's, only 8 yards needs to go further than a complete turn. It ranges so well that I've never been tempted to raise it any higher to get a flatter trajectory at longer ranges. I rarely miss due to rangefinding error unless I'm being really sloppy. They do 'click' into focus in a way that many other more expensive scopes don't.

Mine will just about focus 9 but no chance at 8 yards. Mag down to 10 and you can still distinguish the kill (unless it's a really beat up mini) but some are better than others at 8 yards.


Edit: with the sunshade white out is really rare, the 2 I missed were with a shade fitted, but I wouldn't want to be without one as it's a complete nightmare when the sun is low. It's a problem for mostl scopes with a big objective. Black drain pipe is often seen hanging off the front of big Nikko's as a cheap DIY remedy.
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