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Default Try ?

but have you ever tried it ? i came up from the MK4 . 32 mag . so that is what i am used to .i can range on 20 mag with it out to 45 yards if i have to . in theory you should range on 50 mag then zoom down to 20 mag to shoot on and thats what a lot of people do . but why be a lot of people why not find what works for you . the later 20+50s do not have the same quality lenses as the early ones and once you know how they work it is not a problem . cept when the temp goes way down to below zero . as for the BIG BSAs and the nikkos ( same thing ) i have shot with a lot and i mean a lot of of shooters who when it got really dark . rainy and nasty . or with the sun behind em , shooting into a wood ( euros ) who gave up trying to find the target and shot there pellet into the ground .i have just bought a COMP X to use in the winter . good enough for Big O . it's good enough for me ??? HOLLY
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