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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Don't know specifically what it is, but the felts come out black.

Pretty much everyone I know with an EV has a pretty aggressive cleaning regime, it seems to suit the barrel. Typically I'll shoot 100 to 150 pellets on a club day so it gets cleaned when I get home ready for the next outing. I probably could extend it but paper shooting confirms clean is better and it's not really that much effort. But I hardly ever clean the Daystate so definitely not OCD related
Not got the same findings here, couple of us have EVil2s MK4's and neither have been cleaned after perhaps 5 full tins

Clean your gun and then put 5 pellets down it, it will come out as black as 100-150, that will be the graphite.

But yeah do what works for you, certainly not passing comment on that expect that's very different from my findings.
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