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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Hi Casey
I have had a couple of these one of which Simon Evans now uses to very good effect they are bomb proof however I think a Leupold comp 40 mag is a better scope for FT. if I was you I would buy one have a reticule change MILDOT or TMR or even a varmint hunter. the reason behind the other reticule would be to give you close up reference points IE 8 yards is about 2 full turns of the top turret hope this helps PS you only need a 3" side wheel with the scope coming down to about 11 yards also I use a 50ft adaptor this brings it down to about 7 yards
Thanks Steve - I'm probably leaning toward a new model Leupold. At least I'd know I have the warranty to back me up. Biggest worry is buying a $1000 Mk4 and have issues or an unusably fine reticle. Wife would not be happy with that kind of fiscal error
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