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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Is this the model I see referenced on STB by some shooters that shoot the "PR Leupolds"?

I've never seen one in person here in the USA although I'm sure they are out there. Sounds great but is it any better than a new Leup Comp for the same price? Also not sure the fine crosshair reticle will be any good for FT and from what I read on the web, nobody will work on these any more..

Those that own these in the UK....what's your plan should you need work? hate to drop $1000 on something that can't/won't be fixed by anybody let alone have reticle work done.

Hi Casey
I have had a couple of these one of which Simon Evans now uses to very good effect they are bomb proof however I think a Leupold comp 40 mag is a better scope for FT. if I was you I would buy one have a reticule change MILDOT or TMR or even a varmint hunter. the reason behind the other reticule would be to give you close up reference points IE 8 yards is about 2 full turns of the top turret hope this helps PS you only need a 3" side wheel with the scope coming down to about 11 yards also I use a 50ft adaptor this brings it down to about 7 yards

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