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Both are great guns and both have their respective issues grossly exaggerated. People only even post when something goes wrong so there are many thousands of very happy owners that never post to say everything is fine.

They are completely different to shoot, I would always have an EVs over a Daystate Mk4 variant because I really don't like the electronic trigger and I don't like the weight distribution (EV2's feel more front heavy which is good for me). A Mk4 owner would say completely the opposite (and be right in doing so) so you need to try both to decide which is best for you.

Also, check for local expertise for when it comes to servicing. The advantage with an EV is it's entirely mechanical and parts can be fitted by anyone competent with air rifles and field repairs are always a possibility, electronics are a different matter and replacing a dead battery or fried circuit board could be a long wait in Croatia especially if it's an intermittent fault that's hard to diagnose. If there's no one sufficiently qualified to perform a service within easy reach of you then that might be something you might wish to consider whilst making your decision but ultimately the right one for you is the right one to buy.

I'm biased towards the EV2, I've shot them since they first came out, but I've shot a friends GP and Target previously and did shoot a Panther for a while yesterday and was quite happy to hand it back. The Panther owner was just as glad to get his rifle back after shooting the EV2. I would say that the Panther seemed a little deader than the EV, possibly just because it's quieter, and the lock time did feel shorter but that was about the only things that I felt were good. I found it harder to shoot but that's down to my technique rather than the EV being any better.

The point is that both are good, and can be REALLY good, but they're so very different to shoot the chances are you'll like one far more than the other and the only way to find out is to try them both if you can. If you're buying on looks alone, the Panther does look quite funky although I'm not sure how long it'll keep its looks for. I've got a Harrier X2 in the same stock as a Panther (it's actually a Target but is exactly the same) and the black coating isn't that robust. A few knocks or catching it on a fence and you'll be down to the rather unappealing pale beech that's about 0.5mm below that slinky black finish. That said, EV2 stocks have been known to self destruct through the palm grip.


PS buy the EV, it's a proper man gun
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