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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Rob, thanks for the offer, this Thursday is full with various things to do, but I will get back and accept your offer thanks, for another time.

Luddite, if it isn't impertinent, how come you have had five, including two models twice?
I imported 2 40s and 2 45s from Premier Reticles before they stopped converting Leupolds in order to compare them, keep the 2 I liked and sell the other 2.
I decided that the 40s were the ones for me and sold the 45s.
I subsequently sold a 40 to a mate who nagged me for it.
The 35 was bought as a package, along with a Steyr LG100, from a mate who was short of cash and then sold back to him when he had the cash.
Sorry for the saga, but you did ask.
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