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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
The MFTA Winter League Masters qualifiers.

In the event of tied scores from competitors not already qualified from previous rounds the method of selection is the following.......

Shooters not already qualified and shoot a high counting score automatically go through by right. If all four awarded places are not taken by right then count back is being used.

Counting starts from target number ONE on the course of fire regardless of where you start your round. The competitor who misses from lane one first is eliminated. All shooters involved in the tied scoring round are place in finishing order using this method. The remaining places are then awarded.

This method was used from round one and will not now be changed for the remaining rounds.

surely count back should go on the lane u start,wot if i started on lane 2 and cleared the coarse and last lane ie lane 1 i missed them (my *** got a bit nerveses for a clear) then wot your saying my count back starts from lane 1 not fair really,ok if your not doing shotgun starts but not fair if u are
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