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Thanks for that Bri.

It's interesting what you've said.

The 77 in HFT dress is still quite a heavy beast. It has a Venom silencer/long catch up front. It is in a Paul Wilson FT style stock with a very deep fore end. It had a Simmons Pro Air 4-12x40 scope that finished short of the start of the loading port.

I was down the woods a while ago, on my own, and shooting the 77 well in HFT mode. I'll tell you when it was ... it was just before that Springer shoot at Anston ( when it was freezing ). I put a target out 55 yards ( normal 40mm kill knockover target ). It was a dead still day for wind and I was trying to get an aim point for 55 yards. I was shooting at Anston HFT at 9x with the Simmons. After finding the aim point down the woods and shooting rock solid prone off the glove I was knocking the 55 yarder down quite comfortably ( there was no wind ).

I thought I'd try it FT style. So I sat on my beanbag and used the gloved hand on front knee, gun on that and right elbow on inside right thigh stance. It was actually quite comfortable and I was quite steady ( not as steady as the prone off the floor ). I was knocking the 55 yarder down with the Simons on 9x most of the time ( over 50% ). The set up felt solid and quite comfy and balanced. Now I've put this much bigger Custom Shop on it just doesn't feel as comfy and I'm really struggling to hold it steady in that sitting stance.

So maybe you are right and it's important to keep the weight lower down and I need to use a smaller scope( this is all non firing and just trying to hold it steady on an aim point through the scope ).

I've tried turning the scope down to 10x to give a similar view to the Simmons on 9x but I still can't hold it as steady.

I've looked at loads and loads of FT photos from GPs and Worlds etc and watched plenty of Youtube videos. I've also watched the tutorials on Youtube. I'll go find the BFTA manual.

I'm struggling to get that triangle and have the weight equally distributed through both legs and buttocks. I'm leaning backwards with all the weight on my right buttock and that's causing muscles to tense up in my back and stomach. If I push the weight more central then that pushes the gun forwards and it becomes too over balanced at the front end then. One of the problems is I'm a small chap and can't present a 'large' or 'wide' platform with knees.

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