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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Try them both out, see how you get on.

Mark 4 built like a tank but light and ex MOD issue.
Only ever seen one presentable 32 all were like milk bottles, the one to go for is the 35 with BR36 front lenses.
My old 35 lives down your way, best in UK, makes S&B look like a Hawke plus it snapped.
Having had two PR Leups a Mark 4 35 and the last **** Thomas did PR VX3 20-50, neither moved with temp unless over 92 degrees, its the light!

Cant use Comp Series but lovely and bright.
Jon...on the Mk4 they all have BR36 lenses? Anything to look for when buying one? I'm in the same boat as Rich. Had pretty much settled on a Comp 35 but just found a Mk4 35x for sale. What's the going rate for them in the UK? This ones $1000.

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