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Default Scope ?

the mistake most people make with a 20+50 is to use top mag to range on . you do not need to do it . i use 32 mag . and never take it off that setting . do not let your eye settle , by that i mean keep the side wheel moving . bring it in and out allways from the up position . IE 70 yards . once twice three times and that is the range . remember that the lupe is light and dark sensitive . but mostly heat and cold sensitive . mine is set up for the summmer . once it goes past 60 degees it is right . in the winter it will come in short . leave the rifle out to acclimatise for 15 mins then check on the zero range of a shoot to see how they are coming in . if say the range is five yards out . take the side wheel to the end of it's travel and lightly tap it on the limiter a couple of times and then when you bring the range in next time it shold be only two and a half yards out ? sounds a pain all this . but it is worth it in the end ??? HOLLY
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