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Originally Posted by rich View Post
I've never been able to afford a Leupold, apart from one which I had a few years ago, it was a front focus jobbie with a PR conversion to 18x-40x, and it shifted with temperature unacceptably in my opinion.

Now I have the opportunity to go for a new 35x Competition series or a second hand Mark IV with PR conversion to 32x. Similar money.

Having never handled either, could a member with knowledge and experience of both give me some pointers, please, as to the differences and the pros and cons. It's for FT and would be going on an early EV2.
Had a few Leupolds, don't like using anything else if i can help it to be honest as they really are that good.
I have a standard 6.5x20x40 and the same again boosted to x40 with the close range adaptor fitted.
BOTH shift in extreme heat or cold, but it needs to be extreme to be honest.
I also have a Hawke Sidewinder 8,32x56, and for the money, it's VERY good.

I hear from guys who have the newer Leupolds, that they are not as good ?
I don't know, i'm old school, but there are enough of them being used and i have often thought of buying one, i may yet ?
But i would need to see/try one 1st.
In the end, if you like it and are happy with it, buy it mate, they are all well made and unless you want to spend a LOT more on a March etc, 2,000 plus
The Leupold will always do you proud i would think !

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