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Sorry to butt in ...

I've just put an old Japan made Custom Shop 10-50x56 scope on my 77 for FT. Simona has told me that these are Hakko scopes and given me some advice ( on ABBS ). Fine mildot ret.

I never thought ... Will this be ok on a springer re recoil etc?

I could always put it on one of my pcp's, so it seems a shame to trash it on the 77 if it won't take the recoil.

( ... and more butting in ... on high mounts I just don't know how I load with this on top. It's an old 77 with the narrower loading bay. If I use riser blocks then my cheekpiece won't fit right on the non adjustable high cheekpiece on this Wilson style stock. Just get used to the fiddliness I suppose ).

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