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the increased power limit from 10 to 20 joules joules changes nothing for FT shooters.
We chose to shoot 16 joules max . In the past we had arranged special rules for 10 joules rifles with a maximum shooting range of 35 yards.

Personally I do not want that over 16 joules rifles ( fac in englang) are authorized for FT practice.

This power is a "good deal " for shooting at 55-60 yards.

We still have so much work to succeed in our shots successfully that range

Increase the power mean increase the max shooting range and so on.

Today found a secure shooting area 55 yards long is not very easy so .......

No, I hope that the 16 joules limit will not be changed in France and that all the international organizations also respects this limit.

To be recognized as a real sport. Our "hobby" needs uniformized international rules.

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