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Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post

Held a stery 110 at the weekend and loved the feel and balance. Now, could someone or ones let me know the good and bad about these rifles before I lust any further?


Hi Matt. Good points are that they are accurate, excellent trigger, nice to shoot and adjustable.
I can strip one, clean, service and rebuild in about 45 minutes with another 15 minutes to service and set up the reg. There's a reason why you see so many on both the FT and HFT circuits.

Bad points. the only thing really is that occasionally they can be a sod when something goes wrong. POI drops due to a dirty hammer or dicky firing valve can be tricky to diagnose. I had 2 years fault free with mine and then almost 18 months of hell trying to find out why i was getting flyers and dropped shots. After replacing the internals i only had the barrel left as a problem. i bought a new barrel and that was the problem. i later had my Barley twist barrel re-crowned and it's now spot on again.Mine was one of those problems that would appear to vanish when you replaced a part only to resurface a week or month later. that's why it took so long to diagnose.

Another plus point for me is that i have a house in Holland and direct access to Steyr spares.
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