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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Yes Colin it was me, a few people pulled a good score out of no where that weekend including me!

Maybe my reference of 7-8 difference should be changed to 6-7 as an average for the .22 below .177
Hi Simon

I've just re read the thread and seen you stated 7/8 in an earlier post. Sorry fella I wasn't trying to correct you. I think it's somewhere in that area of 6 to 8 points.

I wouldn't say your 59 was out of no where. You've shot really well for some time now and won the Midlands and came 4th last 2 Winters. It's good to see you do so well with your BSA. I know yours will have had work but it's good to see something other than the Star Wars guns being up there. I'm going to give an old BSA pcp a go at HFT this Winter. A bit scary really as I've always been able to hide behind the recoil class badge. This will show how bad I really am..I took it around our club course last weekend and managed a 52/60 but it was quite an easy course. Didn't help that I was using the same aim points as the 77 and since realised that the first zero on this is 13 and not the 77's 18 so I hit a few 15mm close ones high. I was well beaten by Mikey Heathcote with his springer with a 55/60 ( I think he'll do well in the Midlands Recoil ).

Hopefully bump into you at a Midlands.

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