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Reading this one with interest.

I found the following through my .177 lg110ft.

4.53 daystate selects had a 30fps spread over 30 shots but grouped okay at 40 yards. And we're running at 775fps average.

Cleaning the barrel and on the final pull through using a vfg coated in Napier then lube and washing the pellets improved things.

The first 8 to 10 shots were massively overpowered until it settled at 785fps average with 20fps spread. I decided simply for chrono reasons it was to big a spread in velocity.

I did the same with mossies and express and the average spread unlubed was 15fps and 10fps lubed. I could not get any 7.9gr pellets for a while and won a tin of jsb exacts of Trev at a nefta shoot. They were different to what I had seen before more filled in at the skirt area in 4.52 head size. They were very good quality, unlubed they were 10fps faster than the 4.53 head size lubed and had a 8fps spread. I got hold of some dia 39000012 4.52 exacts 2 sleeves and they were the same in terms of quality and deep filled at the back.

I washed and lubed the pellets with Napier and cleaned the barrel as above. After 10 settling shots the results were.

Low 780fps high 785 fps over 30 shots. On paper the gun indoors at 30 yards is doing 1 hole groups. At 55 yards it's doing 12mm edge to edge 5 shot groups the best it has ever done. Strangely 4.51 exacts were showing a 12fps spread lubed in comparison but did shoot 5fps faster than the 4.52's but we're not as consistent over the chrono and showed no better performance group testing.

All the above was last year when I thought the 30fps with the 4,53 pellets were a gun issue. Non of the above would stand up to scientific testing, but it was enough for me to stay with the 4.52 exacts with a 5fps spread washed and lubed cleaning the barrel with a final pull through of Napier with 10 shots to follow to stabilise the power.

Also I found some 4.53 pellets where tight fitting in the bore and some slacker, this was from a new tin so not mixed up. I also found mossies and express we're slacker fitting than the 4.52 exacts. The 4.52 exacts seemed more consistent in bore fitment. 4.51's felt like the mossies/express in terms of bore fitment.

I can't really explain everything above I just accepted the velocity spread and the grouping ability I got from the new 4.52 exacts I had got hold of. I sometimes doubt if it may have made that much difference on targets but what it has done is settle my mind and could be a nice placebo. I clean the barrel fire 10 shots check a couple of shots on the chrono and forget about it for 2-3 tins. I know it's very consistent for a steyr compared to some I have seen, I was able to turn the power down a little using them and they grouped well so I stopped looking or tinkering.

Just to add the more I stay with the same pellets the better it seems to get both on chrono and at grouping. Just my findings.
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