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That's another way of putting it Rich.

I don't shoot pcp regularly enough to know where I'd be. I'm going to try and shoot some pcp this Winter to see if I do indeed score higher with that than the springer.

My PB is the same with both springers and pcp on a HFT course but they were different courses on different days.

It's the change of hold position that kills me with the springer. Taking a steep elevated shot with the pcp I can just slide the fore hand backwards and the poi is pretty much the same. Do that with the 77 and you've missed. 15mm kills only need you to get it very slightly wrong with the springer and it's a miss. Throw in a 15mm kill at 15 yards stuck high up a post/tree and you are off normal position and curving your back and can only miss by 1 1/2 pellet widths and it's easy to miss them with the springer. I'd also sooner shoot the supported positionals unsupported. Rest a pcp against a tree or post and it helps steady the aim. Do it with a springer and the gun can react against the support to give a different poi.

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