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Not much help ...

... but a lot of clubs put the 0.22 pcp shooters in with the springer shooters. The NW have an Oddball category. This is because the 0.22 top score is normally about the same as the 0.177 springers.

I'd agree that 10% is about right. When I was shooting springer regularly I used to judge my score against the top pcp 0.177 shooter of the day -6 points. So on that particluar course if the top pcp 0.177 shooter had scored 58/60 then I reckoned I'd shot very well if I got 52.

I shot a few Nationals this year and they were tough courses in windy conditions for 2/3 and I scored very poorly against the top pcps. In the windiest 2 out of the 3 there was a freakishly high pcp score but the majority of top pcp scores were about 10% higher than the highest springer of the day. So I reckon that 10% is about right.

Worlds this year at Kelmarsh top pcp on day 1 was 59 I think ( was that you Tench? I seem to remember you telling me you'd only missed that 35 yard kneeling lollipop? ). Top springer was 54 ( Steve Whiting ) and I got 52 and Kyle got 51. Simon Harrison scored 53 for top 0.22. Day 2 top pcp was again 59 ( Tony Archer ) and Simon top scored with 50 in 0.22 and Kyle blew everyone away with 57 in springer to win it ( and I coudn't have hit my ar5e if I'd have sat on the muzzle and pulled the trigger ... far too cold and far too much beer the night before ... ok I shot sh1te ). So you will get the odd exceptional score in 0.22 and springer but I still reckon 6 points difference is about right.

Long courses may drop some points for the 0.22 due to loop but for me it's elevated shots and basically anything that makes you change hold position for the recoil boys.

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