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Default .22 - A handicap?

I have just started shooting .22 in HFT and I find that I'm still as good as I was shooting .177 (= not very good at all). Now whilst I appreciate and agree it is appropriate for .177 and .22 to have their own categories in competition, I just wonder what you all think would be an appropriate handicap (if any) for "friendly" mixed calibre shoots, that might even things out.

Looking at the results of the current UKAHFT series, I see that the top 5 shooters in the open class have averaged 577.32 points to date, while the top 5 in .22 have averaged 490.38, which is a 15% difference.

Applying that 15% difference to a potential maximum 60 score, would indicate that the maximum for .22 would be 9 points lower, therefore a handicap of 9 might be appropriate, On the other hand, applying the handicap after a shoot, to the top score, let's say 56, would bring the equivalent for .22 down to 48.

And that's when applied to the top shooters - for the rest of us it becomes even more telling, I'd have thought.

So then, if I go head to head against a .177 shooter, would a 10 point handicap be appropriate, all other things being equal?
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