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Originally Posted by Rhys View Post
Are you trying to run this sub 12 ft lbs or is it FAC?
Set up wise, i am running a TTR1 with a 14 inch barrel, reg set at 1500psi not the manufactures recommended pressure which is higher, (.177) and i can achieve way over 100+ shots before i even hit the 100 bar reg pressure even from a 280cc bottle.
Rapids are really easy to set up right, but a few more details, i.e model, reg'd or un regged, internal set up etc and it can be run correctly in no time at all.
Actually just noticed you are in Cardiff, if you fancy a trip to Llanelli at any point, i can set it up with you if that helps?

Thanks for the offer mate but it's already been tuned and fettled
Custom carbon sleeve and silencer
Cs800 mfr stock with 280cc bottle
Bushnell 5-15x40 scopes
just thought I'd be greedy and get a bigger barrel for more shots because I had to change the bottle from a 400cc to fit my new stock which iv just sanded and oiled with rapid oil and I'm very proud how it's turned out
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