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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
I had one of the very early mk3's - (serial mk3-0207) - it was my first gun and it was bought new

It was the worst gun I ever had, I had it 12 months and it spent 5 of those back at daystate.

within 2 hours of using it, the cocking bolt jammed up and someone at tawd took the breech off and had a look. The back of the breech where the bolt goes was full of crushed pellets and they looked like bulldogs (I was using accupel at the time so it wasn't me) to be fair this could have been the shop and not daystate but it still happened...

Other than that it worked great for 3 months, then it got wet at a FT comp! It blew the capacitor it uses to power the solenoid about 4 times, daystate would not fix it under the warranty so it was 90 each time for the repair and they had the gun for weeks at a time.

Then it would refuse to group, I think it did this from day 1 but I was new and did not spot it until someone else tried it after another frustrating day of hitting FA

It blew the capacitor again and I got it back again but this time every 3rd to 5th shot I would get a very small electric shock through the trigger. There are members at tawd who witnessed this...

then it was sold for peanuts compared to what was paid for it as a project rifle.

But to be fair this was 10 years ago I've had a mk4 since then and it was faultless, I just did not enjoy to shoot it as much and I thought the trigger was terrible.

They aren't bad guns but I would not have another.
I have to agree with you with regards pellets rolling back into the breach if pointing the gun upwards slightly whilst loading a pellet on the single shot tray, as i had a Daystate MK4 and noticed that when the cocking bolt was pulled back fully, theres a considerable gap for a pellet to fall back into, and if not noticed and think the pellet has fallen from the tray onto the floor, then its easy to push the bolt forwards and crush the pellet in the breach. Moral of that story is - never load your gun pointing to the sky
Also on my MK4 just inside the air intake nozzle (where you attach the air hose) theres a small rubber ring that kept on coming off and dumping all the air on filling. I found that avoiding opening the valve quickly on my dive cylinder stopped this from occurring again.
With regards the question on electrics, i never had a problem with my MK4, and it was shot on many occasions in the rain, and if asked whether i would have a Daystate MK4 again, then the answer would certainly be yes.
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