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I'm confused.

At first I thought that the relativley heavy springer piston moves slower and builds the pressure more gradually than the light and fast opening valve from a PCP.

Then Rich reports he sees more deformation of the pellets in his springer so the peak pressure must be higher. This contradicts my first thought.

Now Jon says:
Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Quite the opposite to everyones assumptions, pellet will start to move in springers when the amount of pressure is enough to overcome it. The piston will be well short of reaching its stroke and therefore would have a softer longer depreciating air blast than a pneumatic as pellets already going down the barrel. It would also mean less deformation of pellet.
To clear this confusion about the deformation of pellets and consequently the wind sensitivity difference of springers and PCP's: Can anyone here make some pictures of pellets (from the same tin preferably) shot from a 12fpe springer and a 12fpe PCP?
Shoot them in a big bucket of water or sawdust and make some pic's. See which rifle causes more deformation to the pellet.
I do not own a 12fpe springer otherwise I would do it myself.
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