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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Sorry to disagree with the Cardews, though. If you do the sums on the springer compression you find that a pellet that resists movement until the last moment will see a pressure far higher than 94 bar.
Wouldn't be the first time he was wrong, the only way to find out is by actually knocking something up. In doing that the losses in the measuring (capillary) have to be accounted for along with the losses In adapting something to fit, maybe that's how he got 94bar. An impossibility we'll never find out.
Quite the opposite to everyones assumptions, pellet will start to move in springers when the amount of pressure is enough to overcome it. The piston will be well short of reaching its stroke and therefore would have a softer longer depreciating air blast than a pneumatic as pellets already going down the barrel. It would also mean less deformation of pellet.

Sven, makes no odds what reg pressure is set at, same symptoms.
Someone stated heavier slugs give more power in pneumatics. That's not always the case same power any weight can be achieved, way beyond the realms of inferior 'blueprints'

Rich bottom left 4.52 were oval work that in to the equation, 4.5 fine. Neither any good and totally unpredictable in more than a breeze.
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