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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
That and the handling charges for firearms. With Easyjet I think that's £25 each way.

You have to weigh it up against car/s or van, 2000 miles of fuel and ferry costs. Given that the flight costs would be £100 or less, it's not exactly a deal breaker. Van hire would be expensive. And there's not many motor's that can fit 4 people and guns and a few days kit in. My 3 series was about maxed out with 3 people. Doing the middle of Germany cost about £180 per head for travel expenses, that's for the 800 miles + run around driving and ferry. The advantage was we saved on car hire. But you'd burn say 2000 miles of fuel, so it would be more like £300 to drive with ferry, 3 in a car, per head.

I'm sure you could borrow a peli if push came to shove. I was 1/2 thinking of loaning mine out at £25 a week if I wasn't using them. Got two.
Thanks for the breakdown, Rob. Either way it's not cheap, and logistically fairly tricky.
I think this may put off a lot of UK shooters who are used to jumping into a car and driving a few hours, OK a lot of hours if you live in Scotland, and taking part in a very high quality and well run UK competition.
Sure, going to Europe is a great adventure and I have driven all over Europe loads of times, but not with airguns.
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