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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
We can't get EFP. It's a no go. And that's for export. Not the same thing.
Why is that Rob? Does it vary from force to force?
This from Suffolk police:
"If you intend to travel within EU member states with your guns you must obtain a European Firearms Pass, which acts much like a passport.

It is not an authority to use your firearms abroad, nor does it replace your certificate, which you should also always have with you when travelling with your guns.

To obtain a European Firearms Pass you will need to provide us with your details and state which guns you require on the pass. You will need to allow 14 days for us to deal with your application.

Contact us on 01473 613 681 or email Alternatively you can write to;

Firearm Services Unit,

Suffolk Constabulary FHQ,

Martlesham Heath,



IP5 3QS."
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