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Default Steyr help please


I've recently bought a Steyr Hunter LG110, it was set up by Harry Preston and was fine, it was accurate and fairly consistent with the smaller transfer port, green I think, doing around 10.9/11fps with JSB's. This was the maximum it would go to with that port. Thought it would be good to run it around 11.4ish and got a black port. Since then it has been giving readings between 11.2 - 11.6fps. I'm not worried about the power but want consistency.

Would I be better off just putting the green port back in or should I keep the black one in and turn it down to around 11fps?

Also, noticed when we were setting the power there seemed to be some sort of brass sheath that kept popping out when the gun was fired, around the power adjuster screw at the back, other people up the club have Steyrs and none have this sheath, any ideas what it is and should I remove it?

Any advice very gratefully received!

Thank you

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