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Originally Posted by holly View Post
That is very nice , the pistol grip reminds me of john welhams early work on the shamels , pity i cannot see the other side . could be he converted it . johns later work is of antique furniture grade . in fact that is what he does now i believe . one of our lads Chris Lowe ex chairman of the BFTA wanted a stock made by john for his ripley . chris wanted the best but even then good blanks were hard to find . john went to an auction and rang chris saying that there was a nice piece of wood coming up . yep he said buy it . cost 700 then . nowadays that would be around the 1500 mark for a piece of exhibition grade wood , if you could find it .??? HOLLY

Hey Holly, thanks for the info dude. I shall endeavor to get a pic of T'uther side.

@MrDink, yes it does get an outing at Atherton. Make yourself known to me bud. Everyone now knows me as Peg due to my Broken Knee.

Alternatively get my number off Ben and make an arrangement and I shall bring it just for you.

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