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Ah someone's just reminded me.

If you're down on the BFTA grades as 'A' grade because you haven't yet put in enough scores for a real grading, you'll be down on the NEFTA list as 'U' for ungraded and then we'll put you in the correct grade after you've put in 3 scores.

If you've shot the Winter league in the last couple of years, you'll already be down on our sheets with the upto date grade from the BFTA gradings, so hopefully there won't be too many people that need to have things adjusted.

If you're shooting in SFT, R or Freestyle classes or you want to elect to shoot at a higher grade than the one given to you by the BFTA then can you just double check everything and let stats know if something isn't as it should be.

Cheers chaps.
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