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Default my air stripper dont work in the wind, which is what i always said lol

Crash test Dummies Arms Dealer and Awesime reporting in Sir.

Keeping up with the thread as well as us thickies can, arms dealer being an enginer is understanding some words but I am going back to my usuall way of hitting things, luck as its all above me.

Anyway, we stocked up well for yesterdays session at Tondu, Jam Welsh Cakes, pies, jam doughnuts, lots of tea and club buscuits. All that is needed for a good test sessionl

We started by testing the kite theory, we attached two different JSB to two kites and let them go see which one got the target fastest. Unfortunatley it was very windy yesterday and both flew off so we dont know which one was first. We will use different coloured kites next time?

Then we tried the pooh sticks theory. Arms dealer, engineers head on prepared the two different die 46 Jsb

4.52 top, 4.51 bootom in pic

We luanched them into the fast flowing stream and were delighted witht he results, the 4.51 indeed was faster to the target, or more to the point rocks.

Ok, so I am struggling with most words in thead but the theory behind it all is very interesting.
Yes, even thickie I can understand a pellet that reached the 50m baord at 600fps should be taking less wind than the one hitting it at 540 fps.
Some one did comment on the fact that maybe the pellets are slowing only in the last 10 m or so. We were going to chrono test at 40m yesterday but ran out of time after test shooting (see below) and then shooting the course. I can however from experience say at 40m most JSB Exact pellets give very tight groups and its that 40 -50m area where good batches come through. So, maybe there is something to the last 10m? will test next week.

Today was about side by side testing. board at 50m, Tondu's open bowl in windy / gusty onditions. Not exactly scientific and certainly not great testing conditionsb but same for both, we had a countdown to try and fire as close to the same time as we could, usually we got close, sometimes something that felt like half a second between us sometimes the same time.
However we came to the conclusion that the countdown was not the best way as you were either ready, or sometimes not!
I`m not posting pics of our sheet (Thanks to sponsorship from Pirtek) as it will confuse some as to why we used shotguns lol, Fisher will choke laughing, so maybe not a bad idea after all?

Arms dealer used his fast flying 4.51 Die 46, i used the slug like die 46 4.52 in the first 4 groups 10 pellets at a time. What we found was in the strong winds the results from both pellets were fairly simular. Most would strike a simular area, ie 30 ml left of aim point, 10 ml right ect. At a push, you could say the 4.51 Arms dealer used took slightly less wind, which would help the theory on faster flying pellets?
Groups three and four for me hae a 50-60mm spread due to wind while arms dealers are about 40-50mm. We decided it took us two groups for barrels (clean) to settle and for us to get into the rythem.
The interesting shots where where a strong gust blew R - L, three times witht he same result. Both pellets flying left, 20, 30 and 50 ml from point of aim, but also dwon by 15, 25 and 40ml low. Normal R - L did not really blow pellets that low, say 5 - 10ml though that may have been as much pilot aeero due to count down?

Now I have never really given the theory that Wind from the right pushes pellets down, wind left up, but our somewhat open field tests yesterday may be worth a second look? Perhaps usuing the top ponds may be worth a go as it usually windy over there.
So our tests concluded, though not 100% scientific, that my Oslter airstripper does not give me an advantage in strong winds. However, i have never said it did, only light breeze!
However the fast flying 4.51 may give you slightly less movement?

We then moved to the pipe lane which is more sheltered. However I think our tests were flawed as it was cramped side by side (think two men spooning with Ev2 lol) and I was not happy with the "groups" i did compared with normal gropus on the pip lane. I think arms dealers groups, while better than mine were not as tight as they should be.
I did managed an acceptable group (4.52 1 inch) when i tried the lane on my own, again there was wind cutting throught here today

See what 40m chrono rest brings next time conditions allow?
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