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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I missed 3 for wind, 1 I gave outside edge and thats where the pellet hit, the other I gave outside edge again and it split on the edge (not taking the target down).
Not directed at you Bri, as I'm sure you'll know this and it's probably easier at HFT ranges ...

... but for the starters reading this ... one of the little things I did last Winter that helped me get a couple of more targets per course ... I kept giving targets edge of kill and on a number of occasions the pellet hit exactly where I'd aimed and taken no wind ( splitter and target not going down ). So I thought I'm giving it wind so that hopefully it will hit exactly in the middle of the paddle ... but it doesn't matter if it hits a pellet width the other side of centre. So I never now aim edge of kill. If I think it's edge of kill I aim just inside edge of kill. If the wind drifts it as I'd thought it will hit centre of paddle or maybe a pellet width the other side of centre. If the pellet takes no wind ... it hits where I'd aimed just inside and still goes down.

Shooting the 77 with 8.4gr and other pcps with the same 8.4gr pellets and both having muzzle velocities of @770fps ... the 77 seems to take exactly the same wind as the pcps. So I've not noticed the 77 taking less wind ( HFT ranges to 45 yards ).

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