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Grego Hensman - open
Greg Morss - Open
Matt Furlong - open
Kev Gaunt - Open
Pete Foote - Vet
Rob Mobley Open
Dave Clements Recoiling
Mark Jones Open
Ryan Charlton - Open
Tony Male - Open
Ian Sheppard - Open
Mick Boswell - Open
Nick Yates- Vet
Alex Larkin - Open
Jean Greatrex - Vet, Ladies, you name it, shes in it !!
Gary Chillingworth - Open
Gordon Burns - Open
Simon Howarth -Open
Simon Harrison - Open or '22
Steve Cartledge - Vet
Mick Fern - Open
Stuart Hill-Open
Chris Coombes Open
Mark Thompson - springer or open (sorry not decided yet).
Kathy Thompson - open- Ladies
Geoff Ryder - Open
Clive Evans-open
Andy Dickson-open
Dave whiteside-open
Mick Mctighe - open
Gerry Baillon - open - Veteran
Tom Morgans - open - veteran ?
Bob Clay Recoiling Veteran
Steve Whiting Recoiling
Ian Howarth - open
Matt Hipkiss - Open
Ryan Ashman - Open
P Brittain
Alex Dermietzel
Ian Hunter - Open, Seniors
Chris Sutcliffe- Open
ken pothecary vet
stuart james open
Ross Young - open
John Hodgetts - Open
Perry Broad - Recoiling_
Nigel Oram - Open
Colin Wilkinson - Open
Pete Dutton - Open
Pete Sparkes - Open
Dave Benyon - Open
Geoff Wok i- Open
Mick Goodenough - Vet
Giles Tibbitts - Open
Keith Warburton .22, Vetinary
Mike Turner - Open - Vet
Brian Lewis - Open
Gavin Howling - open
Jenny Howling - open - ladies
James Howling - junior
Simon Minney - open
Steve Handby - recoil
Casey Handby - open
Stuart Farr - Open
Dylan Farr - Junior
Theresa Reed - Ladies Open
Elliott Reed - Junior Open
Bert Tate open vet
Mike Everson open vet
JP Bradley - Open
Adrian silvers -open
Lisa Silvers - open - ladies
Ian Treadwell - Open
Darrin Lynn - Open
Frank- Open
Peter Higgins - Open Vet
Anthony Higgins - Junior
With every day that passes I'm forced to add another name to the list of people that have pi$$ed me off!
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