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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I think you could be wrong Rob, they all have this for a start:

Not true, not sheltered and in the wind and with Scatt like systems with readings for the wind so you could argue they have everything we have missing.
I know they have scatt, so do i. But it's not a scoring system and for 10m it's only going to give you a hold trace. It only knows where you released the trigger, not where the shot went which it takes a guess at by using a coefficient. It's also heavily affected by light.

As much as 50m ranges are open to the elements they are shielded to varying degrees. The ones at the Olympics were also baffled a lot on top. As much as they shoot in wind it's not like dewar shooting on an open range at 100yds.

Scatts show hold traces. Suis Accor just detects the projectile at the target. Unfortunately neither know exactly where the barrel was when the shot is released, you just simply zero the scatt like you do sights or the target gives you the score. There isn't one system that shows a target shooter where the barrel was aimed and where the shot hit.

Paper punchers simply go for group size and statistical spread. I've studied alongside national and commonwealth 10m and 50m shooters, and no ballistic data from a computer has ever been mentioned. The only electronics that have ever been are the scoring systems and the scatt type systems.

If you want I can double check with a good mate who is in Tens (the English national squad)
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