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Don't kid your self jinx you can do anything that you wish to do , if you have the kit , the aptitude and you try hard enough and long enough . you are only 46 . it should take you three years to get to a stage where you can challenge the best ( and connor is one of the best ) this means a training program . fitness ( not just lifting a pint ) some weights , two pounds a side will do . swing em for 5 to ten mins before you get into bed ( helps you sleep as well , cos of the deep breathing ) walking , swimming , bit of jogging maybe , cycling , all will help you . practice in the week as well as the weekend all helps . BUT most of all you have got to BELIEVE in you .my old shooting team capt used to line all the lads up and ask em one by one . whose the best shot here . and you had to shout as loud as you could . ME ??? HOLLY
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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