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There is no doubt that the LG's are good. VERY GOOD in fact.
And lets not forget that the Pro Targets are showing their age a little by now.
That said, I have one coming from Neil and can't wait to get it as they are still very good guns, if the regs sorted.

I have shot with Conor, he has his Lg Set up REALLY well and it looks "amazing" in the hydrographic carbon dip scheme. It's cool, new, very star wars bang up to date and no doubt worth the money he paid for it.

Things move on, and at the minute the gun to be seen with is without question, The LG110,
But that's not to say other guns like the PT or the AR 20ft can't cut it either, they very much can and do.

I think it's a case of can you use what you have got, regardless of what it is.
No point having the newest and best etc if you can't use it, in the same way that a guy/girl, with an old RN10 who can use it will knock down targets with ease.

I started FT with a Falcon FN19FT Back in "the day"
Moved then to the RN10 and loved it, i have had a fair few guns since but have to say i am really excited waiting for this Pro Target to arrive.
Relive a few happy memories etc and maybe do well in the comps from time to time.

There's no way at 46 and out of FT for a fair while now (16 years )that i will ever be as good as Conor, Andy Calpin etc, the list goes on, but i will have fun trying and maybe on some days i will do better than i thought i could.
Wouldn't it be nice though to have a really good day with something that wasn't classed as high spec any more, like the PT ?
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